No comment necessary.

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I didn’t do this …

… but my heart goes out to everyone in Angus, in the area, and places as far away as Nebraska who had to deal with this …… this same storm cause a lot of damage in Ontario and in the Northern US states.

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It’s all my fault!

This just in from IRC:

<pete> oh, and I broke the soa recrod. let the recrod show … :)

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We need to stop him!

So we give Canada Netflix and they return the favor with Justin Beiber and Celine Dion? More proof Canadians are not our friends and we need to invade to stop this assault by Canadian “artists” which are clearly part of Pete’s evil plan for world domination.

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WordPress 3

Yes, we upgraded the site to WordPress version 3, which of course deleted the old “default theme” we were using because I was too lazy, err busy trying to fix everything Pete has been destroying.  Hence the new theme which frankly sucks.  Someone propose a new, more appropriate theme please.  And did I mention that the stupid default “visual” editor in WP3 is broken? Grrrrr.

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Hello World!

I’ve been following this site for some time, both as a participant and also (strangely enough) as the subject. Seems like very little has happened that can be blamed on me.  Has the world gotten more mature and moved beyond the need to have a token scapegoat? Could it be that the world has changed in the last ten years and moved forward? Can we hope in a time when hope is far away?

So from this day forward, let us not merely be satisfied with uttering, “I blame you, Pete” for the things going on in our lives, and not be ready to expound on why that blame should be levelled in a pariticular direction.

Anton, this does mean you…

I would also like to point out that a lot of people have been rather timid towards this site, and on the few occasions where they did actually see me, would mention the site, but not actually feel up to posting on the site.

Bryn, this does mean you…

So, here is my challenge to all of you — be you friends of mine, friends of the site, or merely innocent bystanders on the web — from this day forward: Any of you blaming me in person, in email, on billboards, television commercials, or podcasts, rather than on the site will pay for the privilege with a coffee, beer, or some other payment of my choosing.

Have a great, low-blame day.

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Too slow Pete!

Just a FYI, we updated wordpress to the latest version to prevent Pete and his goons from exploiting some vulnerabilities. Ha ha! Too slow Pete!

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Nothing Happened

It appears that the rumours of my being evil incarnate are just that. Nothing really bad has happened lately, so I think we can safely conclude that all is well in Pete-land…

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Thanks for the rain Pete

We’re going on a 10 day white water/camping trip on the Tatshenshini River (cue the violins). But thanks to Pete working with the over-zealous Chinese who are bent on world weather domination for the Olympics and then some, ordered up some rain for our trip. Thanks Pete.

P.S. Hey Pete, when are you coming out to California for a camping trip?

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Pete strikes again!

Be sure to read the comments!

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