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I didn’t do this …

… but my heart goes out to everyone in Angus, in the area, and places as far away as Nebraska who had to deal with this …… this same storm cause a lot of damage in Ontario and in the … Continue reading

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Hello World!

I’ve been following this site for some time, both as a participant and also (strangely enough) as the subject. Seems like very little has happened that can be blamed on me.  Has the world gotten more mature and moved beyond … Continue reading

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Nothing Happened

It appears that the rumours of my being evil incarnate are just that. Nothing really bad has happened lately, so I think we can safely conclude that all is well in Pete-land…

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Hello World!

Given the recent dearth of posts on this site, I think I’ll take it upon myself to start writing on this site again. Apparently, there hasn’t been enough things happening lately to compel folks to blame me for things, so … Continue reading

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