Nothing Happened

It appears that the rumours of my being evil incarnate are just that. Nothing really bad has happened lately, so I think we can safely conclude that all is well in Pete-land…

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3 Responses to Nothing Happened

  1. karl says:

    3/2/09 – “Heavy snowstorms have snapped power lines, closed schools and caused commuter chaos along America’s east coast. … New York has been hit by a foot of snow driven in by 20-mile-per-hour icy winds.” … need I say more?

  2. pete says:

    Yes, lots more. You see, in order for me to be blamed, you have to show a general tendency over time. Here, you only show one event. Come on, now! 🙂

  3. pete says:

    Actually, the snow REALLY DOES follow me when I go to the US. Do you really want me to come visit? 🙂

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