Too slow Pete!

Just a FYI, we updated wordpress to the latest version to prevent Pete and his goons from exploiting some vulnerabilities. Ha ha! Too slow Pete!

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Nothing Happened

It appears that the rumours of my being evil incarnate are just that. Nothing really bad has happened lately, so I think we can safely conclude that all is well in Pete-land…

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Thanks for the rain Pete

We’re going on a 10 day white water/camping trip on the Tatshenshini River (cue the violins). But thanks to Pete working with the over-zealous Chinese who are bent on world weather domination for the Olympics and then some, ordered up some rain for our trip. Thanks Pete.

P.S. Hey Pete, when are you coming out to California for a camping trip?

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Pete strikes again!

Be sure to read the comments!

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Pete – A year older?!?!

Well, it appears that a week-to-the-day ago Mr. Pete was responsible for adding another year to his life (i.e. he has managed to avoid falling pianos [a la A Fish Called Wanda] and other similar nasty happenings), which just means that there is now a whole new year of possible It’s-All-Pete’s-Fault-induced events! The world – and more specifically the Toronto area – had best beware!! D.

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Hello World!

Given the recent dearth of posts on this site, I think I’ll take it upon myself to start writing on this site again. Apparently, there hasn’t been enough things happening lately to compel folks to blame me for things, so I might as well give folks something to write about. 🙂

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Sinister Pete threatens posters, keeps slate clean

It’s been awfully quiet here lately.

And we know whom to blame for that. Right?

“The only blame I accept is that which goes up on the web site,” Pete confirmed. “And at least check,” he added mysteriously, “that was precious little. >:)”

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Pete… married?

Well usually we don’t take time to congratulate Pete, but on April 2, 2006, Pete married Yuki somewhere in Canada.  We’re not sure why the Canadian government gave Pete a marrige license, (no doubt significant bribes were incurred) but congratulations to Pete and Yuki!

On behalf of all of us at, we wish Pete and Yuki the very best for a long and enjoyable life together.

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We’re baaaaack!

Yes, after a long hiatus, IAPF is back online. Now many of our loyal members may be wondering, “Why was down?” Well as you might imagine, Pete was to blame…

To make a long story short, was hacked. Why was it hacked? Because we were using some insecure php scripts. Why were we running some insecure php scripts? Because we were trying to document for the world how Pete was causing war, pestilence and famine. Hence, if Pete did not exist, then this site would not exist, and hence would of never of been hacked.

But, now we’re back (and running more secure code we hope) so start documenting how Pete has caused problems!

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