Pete’s Feeling Lonely and Needing Attention?!

As I was leaving a classical music concert in Etobicoke – west side of Toronto – last Friday evening (after 10 p.m.), I called my wife on my cell phone to let her know I was on my way home. As I went to hang up my cell, my phone *instead* started dialling Pete’s cell phone number! It rang at least once before I was able to hang up and then there was a voicemail from Pete checking in. Pete has undoubtedly infiltrated my cell phone’s inner workings and created a “homing call” application to make infected phones call him so he can chat with the phones’ owners. And here we just did lunch back in late March and solved all the problems of the world! How much stuff is now going on in Pete’s life that he feels the need to share via textbots?!? Beware, Friends of Pete! He’ll say it’s just a “social call” but, as for what happens next, via your cell phone? You’ll find yourself saying, “It’s all Pete’s Fault!”

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